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The Cloud – More than just a huge storage out there with a pretty cloud logo. We adapt your IT system to the continuously growing challenges of your daily business, using the Microsoft Cloud and Azure.

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 Cloud Fundament

Cloud computing must be easy to understand for any end user. This requires adequate analysis and preparation. Trust our experience based on many years of field-tested experience. We make sure that your corporate structure and complexity will be handled perfectly within your IT system.

Let us advise you and experience how the Microsoft Cloud develops its full potential. We assist you in choosing the right subscription or in linking the cloud to your current identity verification: Let us help you and save money, time and energy.

We will take time and set up an ultimate fundament with you on-site by performing an extensive cloud-workshop. You will get empowered to immediately start working with Microsoft Azure and Office 365. At the same time your team will work hands-on from the beginning and will learn to operate the project perfectly.

Benefit from our great expertise and count on field-tested installation strategies. Together with you, we will develop the perfect schedule.

Start now. We are already waiting for you.

Cloud Application Development

Developing an application and porting it into the Microsoft Cloud may be a first step, but why should you stop there and miss out on the great potential the cloud offers? We recommend a pefect combination of all possibilities and the improvement of its performance. Minimizing your costs and save time. We know the solution. It is called: Native Cloud Application (NCA).

We combine many years of experience in software development with the latest knowledge about the Microsoft Cloud. Benefit from all advantages of Microsoft Azure in relation to your Software-as-a-Service.

Combine Web applications with databases (e.g. Azure SQL or NoSQL) like the Document DB. Stream videos and share big amounts of data within the Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Apply further Azure-features for Identity Management, DevOps or Data Analytics. Connect your web applications to the Internet of Things, Cognitive Services, Chatbots or simply evaluate data using Machine Learning.

Take the opportunity now. Let us advise your and fully benefit from the cloud’s potential.

Identity Management

Identity management, more precisely “Identity and Access Management” is playing an increasingly important role in our business every day: User interact with systems, applications interact with services and services exchange information with other services. We collect, retrieve, change and delete data all the time. Data is a precious good which must be stored safely to prevent theft, manipulation, destruction or unauthorized retrieval.

By now more and more companies have faced a new challenge: Continuous networking -as to the Internet of Things- has increased the amount of potential vulnerabilities. Users demand more autonomy and use many different web applications.

Master any challenges concerning identity or access administration using Azure Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Service for all web applications: cloud-based, device-independent and cross-platform. Allow your staff members an always-on access to their work data: On every device, from any location. Allow access to applications within your company (on-premises) or any other services (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS) running in the cloud: All these features made possible by only one user account, with only one login (Single-Sign-On, SSO). Increase security through Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) and other security mechanisms such as risk analysis, anomaly reports and Just-In-Time-Authorizations.

Reduce cost and keep your internal support hotline free for any important inquiries: Make it your staff members’ task to replace their forgotten password. It does not matter in which context a password is being changed, password synchronization is guaranteeing that the new password will be accepted by any connected system. Relieve your administrators and enable your staff members to more autonomy by offering them the possibility to create and manage own groups of users.

Machine Learning

“We are moving from a world where computing power was scarce to a place where it now is almost limitless,
and where the true scarce commodity is increasingly human attention.”
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

“Data is the new oil.” – one sentence that perfectly describes the importance of data in our digitalized word. Oil is an important resource. To produce rocket fuel with it, it must be distilled. Companies understand their data consequently as a strategically important asset.

As human beings we have computers evaluating our data fast and reliably. With their permanently increasing computing power they can now already assist us with the analysis of the most complex amounts of data: Big Data.

Machine Learning empowers us not only to aggregate the most comprehensive data streams, but also to access several new conclusions and consequences. Learning systems provide continuously better recommendations on how to improve business procedures, increase revenues using intelligent customer analysis, predict needs, detect inconsistencies, prevent potential thefts or prove creditworthiness.

Previously only big enterprises were able to benefit from the advantages of machine learning. But Microsoft has been able to “democratize” this situation inventing Azure Machine Learning.

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The term “Internet of Things (IoT)” is describing the networking of machines, devices, sensors and actuators with the internet. This enables the access to all information one device or sensor captures, as well as the evaluation of this data.

Currently most companies use remote monitoring. In this context a transport company could potentially notice early if some cooling aggregates break down in one of their trucks. The driver can be contacted easily and told to change his direction towards the next service station to protect any perishable goods.

Such situations can be prevented beforehand using Predictive Maintenance. In our example the manufacturer of cooling aggregates would have called one week in advance proposing a maintenance date: Sensor data coming from the cooling aggregate can predict a potential breakdown within the next 14 days. This is being calculated using machine learning, fed with continuously aggregated data of all cooling aggregates of the same brand.

With Microsoft Azure IoT accessing the internet of things becomes not only easy, but also very secure: Register and authenticate all your devices. Transfer your data securely to the Azure IoT Hub. Implement reliable and prioritizing messaging queues. Protect yourself from unauthorized access with Azure Active Directory.

Benefit not only from high security standards, performance and scalability – embrace the opportunities of the Microsoft cloud.

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Data Analytics

Well made decisions should be made based on profound knowledge. Data Analytics assists you in building up this knowledge and improving your interaction with Big Data. You learn to develop a better understanding for customer needs or to release data simply from isolated silos and to combine these. Trust our expertise. Your aim is our focus. We integrate all suitable services and technologies of the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Manage all information using Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Catalog or Azure Event Hubs. Save vast, unstructured quantities of data in a scalable deposit, e.g. the Azure Data Lake Store. Alternatively take advantage of elastically scalable, parallel processing of unstructured data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Azure Data Lake Analytics analyzes data of all types and sizes for you, evaluating millions of events happening on your IoT-devices with Azure Stream Analytics. Big sets of data can be processed with Microsoft Azure HDInsight. Power BI links connected data from different sources, visualizing them impressively on your personalized dashboard.

Use your data intelligently and effectively. We will assist you.

Bot Entwicklung

“Chatbots will fundamentally revolutionize how computing is experienced by everybody.”
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Most messaging apps such as WhatsApp® or Facebook Messenger® take over most social media websites usage today. Companies that offer Messenger Bots excite their users with more brand experience and simultaneously win important information on how their service and product is consumed.

Chatbots do not only work as brand ambassadors but also as digital assistants who take messages for you, schedule dates, visualize data or inform you about work results.

Reduce labor costs, quickly react to customer inquiries and compile prepared information automatically day or night, instead of doing manually.

We will develop your Bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework. In this way we can use the Cognitive Services, as well as the recognition and processing of voice or text input by any user with the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), or the translation into many different languages with the Microsoft Translator.

Your Bot will be provided as a webchat, integrated into your web application or connected to users across different channels, such as Skype®, Microsoft Teams®, Slack®, the Facebook Messenger®, Telegram® or Office 365®.

What do you think? Should we start making plans?

Cognitive Services

Artificial intelligence is increasingly expanded by capabilities of perception. Search engines are trying to guess keywords while being typed in and online shops recommend products by analysing your history. Transport companies lower their accident rates with “foreseeing” vehicles. Telephone services lower the hold time of their calling parties through voice verification.

Identify areas in your business that you can save costs in by using machine vision, digital language processing or text analysis. Relieve your employees from inconvenient routine work for creative solutions. Speed up processes and reduce errors many times over. By using this expertise you will be able to develop solutions for a higher revenue.

Machine vision can be expanded to the identification of faces or emotions as well as to the processing of video data. Spoken and written language can be recognized, interpreted, translated and transformed. Therefore, searches will be accelerated, enriched or systematically expanded.

We will support you in fully recognizing the steadily growing potential of Microsoft Cognitive Services and develop solutions for your business.




DevOps describe the improvement of all processes in software Development with software Operations. Developers finally have the possibility to analyze how their software is used. From the opposite angle, administrators can understand and overlook the development process better than ever before and improve their efficiency applying development tools.

The outcome: Better software in a shorter amount of time. Big players like Microsoft, Google or Amazon trust these DevOps on a big scale: Every day they perform millions of automated tests. They publish thousands of code-changes on hundreds of different servers. All of which is done in one cloud. Self-evidently smaller teams as well as projects can gain many advantages using DevOps in their cloud. Either infrastructure-, platform- or software-as-a-service: Artificial environments can be visualized on most levels, depending on requirements of the developed and tested software.

Working with Microsoft Azure, you can assemble every potential environment flawlessly and repeatedly per script in easy text documents and moreover manage the entire Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This implies the possibilities of overlooking the development process as well as the support of your application software throughout its whole lifecycle. Outsource performance drawing builds automatically on virtual servers, administer your source code online plus your agile development process. Perform any test online in the cloud and review its real-time performance afterwards in live-operations.

Possibilities are endless, the opportunities have never been better and the need is for sure inevitable: We are happy to help you with this key issue of digital renovation.

Citric on Azure

Use Citrix to visualize your programs. Provide your employees with a full windows environment anywhere without installing the software on their devices. Via the Citrix receiver (Compatible with iOS, Android, Linus, macOS or Windows) your team can get access to all authorized applications or desktops.

From now on you can provide any employee with a comprehensive workplace wherever they are. You no longer need a complex infrastructure on external locations. No servers, no cost intensive administrators. Citrix is running cost-effectively in the cloud. If required, we are happy to offer you a hybrid solution as well.

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 you will empower teamwork, security and applicability at the highest possible level for your IT management. We offer Microsoft 365 for businesses, enterprises and educational institutions. Contact us!

Microsoft 365 is an all-inclusive workplace including Office, OneDrive (5gb or 1 tb online storage per user), comprehensive data protection, an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, easy access management and provision. Benefit from availability of 99,9%. In case of any questions concerning your package or individual applications you can reach out to the Microsoft web and telephone support at any time.

Office 365

Use all common Office 365 applications on up to 15 different devices. The times of buying licenses individually for each device are now finally over. From now on you can rent Office 365 flexibly within a monthly or annually subscription.

Experience flexibility.


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