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Azure Billing App

If you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) for Azure, would you like to keep an eye on your spendings for Azure and eventually even reduce them? Do you plan to bill your expenses to a subsidiary?


Our Azure Billing App has been developed for exactly these purposes. You will have a permanent overview over your current usage and historical data for comparison. Data aggregation that is easy to understand and based on newest applications and technology (PowerBI embedded) will provide you a comprehensive view over your consumption.


Create an invoice for your subsidiaries considering individually set surcharges at one click. Additionally, all pre-commitments (including previously defined terms) will be integrated and processed. Hereby, you are able to achieve further cost savings for specific resources. (Currently these are virtual machines, more have been announced).


The Azure Billing App runs cost-efficiently as a pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution within your Azure-environment and requires no more maintenance effort. An integrated security concept limits access to all ccount data to authorized persons exclusively. At no time will any of your account data be shared to any third parties (as well as ProTechnology GmbH) or processed in any other way.

ePaper One

Print media and publishers must adapt to their readers usage behavior. In times of smartphones and tablets newspapers are preferably read online on mobile devices. Whether you are a corporate news magazine, or simply like to share digital market reports as well as internal anniversary issues; ePaper One is a tool that will inspire you with its broad features already from the beginning.


ePaper One is an end-to-end solution – from an editorial system to client analysis – directly out of the cloud. Your readers will receive much more than a simple pdf. By using this browser-based app you won’t have to give up on responsiveness. Our solution is enhanced with features such as a search tool, access to archives or offline usage that enable you to read previously downloaded content without any data connection anywhere at any time. Using ePaper One, you can click on single articles to zoom them in and focus on them, possibly enhanced with further information, links, pictures and videos.


ePaper One is 100% cloud based. From now on you will never again have to worry about either your server, networks or the scaling of your performance because of higher demand. This application is always running highly performant.


ePaper One is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): book it, connect your imports or let us connect them for you and you are prepared to start as it will be ready for you automatedly every day. Do you have further questions? Reach out to us by using the contact form.

CRM SharePoint Integrator

Most documents are stored in your SharePoint, your customer data in your CRM, but where do you collect all your customer related documents?


Unfortunately, Microsoft’s link offers only a few attributes to connect SharePoint with Dynamics CRM: Dynamic URLs will be created, and document administration is possible. However, there are no further options.

This is why we have developed a solution that enables you to store your customer documents in your SharePoint and to view and edit them directly in MS Dynamics CRM. From now on you can access all SharePoint features, such as embedded search, indexing or drag & drop and many more directly from Dynamics CRM.


By using our CRM-SharePoint you will be offered much more than basic standards.


Besides creating document-libraries you can also compile standard lists, user-defined lists (as well as templates), team websites and more, automated from specific record types in CRM. For further configuration you can access a special menu, which enables a system administrator to easily determine what event requires which SharePoint page or element. The online versions of SharePoint and Dynamics CRM are supported as well.

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